3 Clever Time Tracking Software Tips to Make Work Extremely Productive

Time tracking for employees can be a great resource to avoid stress and be even more productive on a daily basis. Below, get to know three clever tips to make the most out of your free time clock.


An employee scheduling software management technique that has become popular is gamification. That is nothing more than transforming your own life into a kind of game. To use this technique, you can set daily time goals and establish rewards for when you reach them. For example, you can give yourself 15 minutes of free web browsing for every 60 minutes of work you complete.

The key here is to make it harder for you to “level up” as you become better at managing your own time. Some employee scheduling software applications can help with this.

Locks and Redirects

If you “cannot control yourself” when it comes to time wasted on social networks and various websites, using locks and redirects can be a help to your time management. What you have to do here is identify your time sinkers and then install extensions or applications to block them. In fact, instead of simply blocking, you can redirect your “problem” to your “solution”. Some timesheet calculator options can help you with that.

For example, let’s say you waste too much time on Facebook. A good practice would be for you to redirect Facebook to your employee scheduling software. So when you habitually type the Facebook address into your browser, it will end up falling on your to-do list. Learn more.

Get your priorities straight

It’s no use to be mastering time management techniques if you do not know which tasks to prioritize. For this, one tip is to use the concept of the four priority quadrants known as the Eisenhower Matrix. It is an old concept that can be quite useful even today, especially if you still do not use any employee scheduling software.

So if a task is urgent and important, you should mark it in your task manager as “Priority 1”. …

The Importance of Employee Attendance Reporting

 It may be difficult to manage employee work attendance and sometimes getting a good report may be difficult. It’s imperative to have employee attendance, and the reporting method as this will help make sure that there are no issues and you’ll be able to give all work hours and deliver over time, and time off. You can use an online employee scheduling software to help keep track of your records.

Types of Employee Attendance Reporting

There are many different types of time tracking for employees. And efficient way to report your employee’s attendance is by using analytics and reporting systems. This type of computer system will work with information that employees and supervise enter and thus giving you complete attendance records all wrapped up in a data sheet. You can use this to create many types of different reports. Use it to make time cards, the schedule, for workforce management, cost tracking, and budget forecast. An excellent employee attendance reporting system will also include a very customized module. The module will allow management to give specific reports about the companies needs and those added it to their preference. This personalized report will also be able to be handed over and included in your payroll.

Reasons to Use Employee Attendance Reporting

Attendance management is critical when it comes to your company and business especially if you have a lot of employees. Information collected through the employee scheduling software will be able to help determine whether your businesses on the right track or if it’s heading towards failure. Employees are what make or break your company, so you need to know that they’re coming in on time every day. Plus by monitoring their attendance, you can you can determine which employees are arriving early, which are arriving late, or which ones are just arriving on time. This reporting can help you identify who you need to have a talk with and who you can trust as an employee.

Information Included with Employee Attendance Reports

The type of information you’ll find on the …