How Cloud-Based Time Tracking Enables Better Worker Safety

Owning a business, you’ve probably wondered how much difference that expensive employee scheduling software you’ve purchased makes. The time clock makes an obvious difference in your payroll, but did you know it also can have an effect on worker safety? You might be surprised!

Why is cloud-based time clock tracking better than traditional methods?

Paper time clocks are old and outdated. They are prone to errors, both by employees and by having them accidentally get lost or have things spilled on them. They are also inefficient – needing to be calculated by human resources, sent out in return for paper checks and turned in at the end of the year to calculate taxes. Web-based (and cloud-based) time clocks add a level of efficiency previously unthought. The online employee scheduling software calculates everything for you, from hourly wages to taxes to year end w-2 tax stubs. It doesn’t matter the size of your business.

Cloud-based time clocks can track employee’s presence as well as just the time spent

With the recent development of GPS software, when an employee uses a time clock to clock in at a job site, the employee scheduling software requires that that employee actually be on site. Gone are the days of paper records that can easily be faked. Certain software programs also allow you to require a text or SMS message from your employee once they reach the job site for additional verification. However, this does often come at an additional cost. It is also possible to check GPS location based on IP address, if your employee uses a computer one the job. Although these methods can be controversial, they do help your bottom line and allow you to weed out employees that may be less than genuine. Visit this site :

How does any of this increase safety?

Clocking in and out with a time clock can actually increase worker safety. Alerts set up to notify you if an employee fails to clock either in or out may alert you to a potential problem on the job, allowing you to check it out sooner than you ordinarily would be able to. Also, if someone considered “safety critical” fails to show up to work, you will be able to address that situation before any potential problems on the job arise. Employee scheduling software may also allow for both video and voice check ins. This ensures that the correct employee is clocking in and out and that there is no potential fraud going on, which makes every job site safer.

Is this legal? What if employees get upset?

As previously stated, using the time clock to track employee’s can be controversial. However, you can reassure your employees that no personal data is ever collected on them during the time they are on the clock. The data that is collected is just as beneficial and protects the employee as much as it benefits the business owner.

Although there are some controversial applications, using employee scheduling software can increase employee safety significantly. A web (or cloud) based time clock has many benefits and serves to protect both the employee and employer.

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