Timesheet software- how it makes projects easier

For a business to operate successfully there are vital resources needed to aid its operation, one of the major resources is normally human resource because they influence the profit or losses of the business. The downside to the human resource is that most people will be in your organization expecting to get their full salary although they do not work as per requirement this has made organizations invest in software that analyses the employee productivity within a given time. A timesheet software is the best example in this

So, what is a timesheet?

Timesheets are used by an employer to show the amount of time an employee has spent at work doing a particular project. This record was traditionally stored in a paper/ excel spreadsheet but with the development of technology, the information is recorded electronically in the cloud software system.

Uses of a timesheet software

This is a very genuine system because it records the time you report, any breaks you take and when you leave then using a timesheet calculator one can know the amount of money they should be paid. Timesheet can also give a detailed report on the amount of time taken on every client or project which is valued by a project manager. There are organizations that use timesheets to raise their invoices to their customers or are used to determine the amount of time an employee spends on a particular project. Through the above details, you see it’s upon the organization to decide what they intend to use the timesheet software for.

Note that every individual employee is required to fill their own timesheet that has already been installed as a timesheet application giving relevant information and forwarding to their supervisors or team leaders regularly. These records are equally viewed by HR and accountants for clarifications on relevant details.

Other uses

Although this is mostly viewed by employees as a tool used by their employers to track them negatively it is also used by the HR to consider the vacations allocation trends, the need for leave and off-duty days as well as when to allocate training sessions or vacations for specific individuals.

The major benefits of a timesheet software

Unlike the olden days where a manager had to watch the employee’s every move, timesheet helps them engage in other roles while the records are stored in the cloud.

A web-based timesheet is good because both the employee and the employer can access the information they need from wherever place they are.

One can know the salary they are expecting way before their project ends especially if they are casual workers.

Timesheet can encourage you to work harder in order to improve your rates after you use a timesheet calculator to calculate your possible pay.


There are still companies that have not yet adopted the timesheet system, if you are one of them, consider buying it soon because it is very affordable yet so beneficial. Technological advances are changing the world today and for you to experience efficiency in your organization you need to purchase timesheet software to ease your operations. Timeclockgenie.com

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